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Pre-Purchase Exams

Risk assessment of a potential horse prior to purchase.


Paragon Equine is experienced and prepared to offer pre purchase exams to suit all needs ranging from the first time horse buyer to purchasing an elite performance horse. We have 30 years combined veterinary experience and are confident we can assist you in making this major decision. Our goal is to provide the buyer with a risk assessment of the potential horse and guide you on how to proceed. We are able to provide this service either on a farm or at our haul-in location. Examination includes: 1) Thorough physical exam including auscultation of the heart and lungs, ophthalmic exam, skin and coat exam, etc. 2) Complete musculoskeletal exam that includes palpation of the head, neck, back and palpation of all four limbs. Hoof tester exam of all four feet. 3) Oral and dental examination 4) Soundness exam including: walk/trot in-hand, walk/trot/canter on a longe line and under saddle. Ideally the soundness exam is performed on both firm and soft surfaces. If the location of the horse at the time of exam does not have a proper facility to conduct this exam, please let us know and we can arrange for the exam to be performed at another location. 5) Radiographs, ultrasonography, general wellness bloodwork and drug screens are also available. Radiographs are digital and can be easily emailed to the horse owner or buyer’s regular veterinarian. An off site board certified radiologist is also available to interpret diagnostic images for an additional fee. Results are usually available within 24 hours.

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