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Mare Reproductive Services & Foal Care


Mares and foals are an area of special interest for Dr Theiss. The experience is a journey between the mare owner and veterinarian from breeding the mare, managing the pregnancy with the goal of a healthy foal at the end. Some mares are very straightforward and easy to breed while others prove a challenge with multiple modalities needed to attain and maintain a pregnancy. Dr Theiss has established relationships with other veterinarians with a similar interest and will collaborate to provide the best service and care possible to attain the targeted goal. Services provided on the farm: Uterine and Ovarian Ultrasonography Uterine Culture and Cytology Uterine Biopsy Uterine Lavage and Infusion Caslick’s Procedure Artificial Insemination using Cooled semen Paragon Equine does not provide frozen semen or embryo transfer breeding on the farm. We can manage mares with these intended goals however they are both very time intensive and are best managed in a clinical setting. There are several veterinarians in our area that we can collaborate with to utilize these services. We do not attend routine foalings on the farm. If an owner is not confident to foal out their own mare at home we work with several facilities that offer this service. Our desire is to make breeding your mare as enjoyable a process as it can be with a great outcome at the end. We will do our best to work with you and educate you along the way for a successful experience.

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